Street Chic Beauty Boutique – Sydney, Australia


Uslu Airlines Street Chic Beauty Boutique and Nail Bar 


Overview: In collaboration with Hamish Glianos of PEOPLE Hairdressing, we created an an all around pop up concept beauty salon and boutique in Surry Hills, Sydney.  A flagship shop and beauty center for the Uslu Airlines cosmetic range and the Rikki Kasso fashion collectibles. The Cocktails and Nails art bar installation offers unique nail art patterns and top of the line manicures that finish the total street chic look.

4/285A Crown Street

Surry Hills


Street Chic-Rikki Kasso-00

Street Chic-Rikki Kasso-03

Street Chic-Rikki Kasso-01

Street Chic-Rikki Kasso-04

Street-Chic-Portraits-Rikki-Kasso©-1 Street-Chic-Portraits-Rikki-Kasso©-2

CSTM by Rikki Kasso

 CSTM by Rikki Kasso ©

CSTM by Rikki Kasso ©

CSTM by Rikki Kasso ©

Avaliable at AIR

Moscow, Russia

Limited Edition Silk Scarves

100% Silk Scarves

90 x 90 cm


Custom Furniture


Better Cooperation


acrylic latex, wood, fabric

dimensions variable

series of 3